The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

It’s the age of the AIs.The word Artificial Intelligence was coined first by John McCarthy in 1956! (Wooh!  Long back! ). We knew that this was coming but we never knew any  date, just rumours.But now it’s started here.

Machines will have feelings!

Although predicted that it will take a few decades more to fully have a Robot doing all our daily jobs and we may just have to program them accordingly.

We may also see Cyborgs in a few decades but let’s just skip that part for the future now!

An engineer makes an adjustment to the robot “The Incredible Bionic Man” at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington October 17, 2013. The robot is the world’s first-ever functioning bionic man made of prosthetic parts and artificial organ implants. Image via CBCNEWS.

We all know Google’s computing system proved a major breakthrough  for Artificial Intelligence for a Asian Board game called Go ‘encircling game’, which is about 2500 years old and far more complex than chess!. And the result was Machines – 4, Human – 1(Anybody interested in learning it can refer this link ).AlphaGo’s success was down to artificial intelligence (AI): the computer program taught itself how to improve its game by playing millions of matches against itself.

Of course the credit deservers are the Google Researchers at Great Britain for beating the world’s best human player at Go!.(A detailed link for the breakthrough ).

The WSJ posted an article saying ‘Machines That Will Think and Feel ‘. But is there some fear for AIs? AIs are what we make them. Just like nurturing a child, it depends on the way we program them and the algorithms we use, so we must be careful in determining what is the task of that particular AI.

According to a YouGov survey for the British Science Association of more than 2,000 people, public attitudes towards AI vary greatly depending on its application. Fully 70% of respondents are happy for intelligent machines to carry out jobs such as crop monitoring – but this falls to 49% once you start asking about household tasks, and to a miserly 23% when talking about medical operations in hospitals. The very lowest level of trust comes when you ask about sex work, with just 17% trusting robots equipped with AI in this field – although this may be a proxy for not trusting human nature very much in this situation either.

AIs aren’t close to speaking now but the future comes fast. But at some point they do will overcome humans that’s for sure. Will it help us? The answer isn’t certain for sure and only time can tell. So for now lets just enjoy the AIs we are using and far more complex AIs coming in the future.

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One thought on “The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

  1. Nikhil Khatiwala says:

    Its unbelievable that the concept of artificial intelligence started way back 1956.

    Looking forward for other interesting topics from you.


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