MacBook Pro 2016

Apple announced its MacBook Pro 2016 on 27/10/2016, Thursday, in an event in Cupertino. Its roughly a 25 year anniversary of Apple Laptops and Apple has come a long way in these years.


MacBook Pro 2016

The new Pro comes with an extended Track Pad, Butterfly Keyboard that evenly distributes the pressure of the keys and most important of all, no functions keys but an OLED Touch Bar that will do the job! Also these MacBooks weigh only 3 pounds and are 23% smaller than their predecessor the 2015 MacBook Pro.

The video below (Source: Apple) gives a clearer idea of the new MacBook and the Touch Bar.

One of the most significant developments in this new Touch Bar era is that Touch ID is now available on MacBooks Pros. Sure, there have been fingerprint readers on laptops before, but now your Mac gets fingerprint-based Apple Pay transactions on the web and in apps, and the benefits of fingerprint-based fast user switching.


Touch ID on the OLED Touch Bar

The new Pro starts at $1,499, but you don’t want to buy that one. That one doesn’t have a Touch Bar. You want the 13-inch model that starts at $1,799, or the $2,399 15-inch model. These are seriously expensive machines, for people willing to pay for seriously powerful machines.

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