AI creates Cartoons from Text

Animation as well know is a great source of entertainment and is difficult to create and stitch them together. It is now possible to stitch cartoons with the help of AI. The researchers at the Allen Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois, have managed to develop an AI called Craft (Composition, Retrieval, and Fusion Network), which does some part of the tedious work. The AI creates scenes from text descriptions. The AI system, Craft was able to recreate the Flintstones cartoon, by being trained on 25000 3 second clips and a brief text description of that scene.

The AI works by matching the videos to the brief word-descriptions and builds a set of parameters. Craft can convert the provided text descriptions into video clips and animated series. It can not only put the characters into place but also parse objects, retrieve the background, etc.


The results are still raw in nature, and there is a lot of scope for improving the model and training it on other cartoons. The video below briefly describes how the AI works.

For detailed information, refer the paper.

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